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Physical Security Specialist

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  • Washington, DC
  • CENTRA Technology
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Job Description

CENTRA Technology, Inc. (CENTRA) is an employee-owned company providing analytic, consulting, and staffing support to U.S. Government national security agencies, including the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), and similar Government clients.

CENTRA Technology is looking for candidates to fill the role of Physical Security Specialist on DTRAs Balanced Survivability (BSA) Team.

BSAs are integrated, multidisciplinary, mission survivability assessments that are conducted on critical national infrastructures and systems. A focus of the assessment is identifying “single point vulnerabilities” that could disrupt or degrade the mission. The onsite portion of BSAs normally lasts two weeks, but the time is also matched to site and customer requirements. Products include an outbriefing at the site, a summary report, and reports by each of the specialists. A BSA consists of three phases: Pre-assessment, onsite assessment, and post-assessment.

Pre-assessment – This phase is key to the success of the assessment. In this phase, an understanding of the mission is gained to properly scope the assessment and identify points of contact in each of the specialty areas.

Onsite – During the onsite portion of the BSA, team members identify and assess the locations, information and communications networks, equipment, sites, and people that are critical to mission accomplishment in order to identify mission vulnerabilities and to develop recommendations to mitigate them. A comprehensive outbriefing is normally presented at the end of the assessment.

Post-assessment – The final report is written during the post-assessment phase. Specialists are available after an assessment to assist with implementing some of the recommendations made to mitigate vulnerabilities.

The Physical Security Specialist will identify physical security vulnerabilities and provide recommendations to enhance the overall mission protection by preventing or mitigating damage to or destruction of mission-critical systems should a plausible threat be carried out. The overall physical security posture, security management, contingency planning, overall security awareness, physical security systems designed to deny and delay, protective barriers, lock and key systems, access control procedures, electronic security systems designed to detect and assess intrusion, and response force capabilities are all examined for possible weaknesses and deficiencies. The physical security report is laid out in a manner that characterizes the designed physical security environment that supports physical security protection from both an insider and external threats.

In addition, Identify all aspects of physical security-related vulnerabilities, increase the customer’s awareness of potential vulnerabilities and impacts on mission execution capability, and provide recommendations to mitigate or eliminate identified vulnerabilities.


  • Expert knowledge of the security needs for a wide-variety of mission critical infrastructure to include network and data centers, telecommunications systems, airfields, nuclear weapons systems, forward operating bases, and the defense industrial base.
  • Demonstrated experience with DoD Security Directives, including their development and implementation of Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Joint DoD Security directives.
  • Expert knowledge of all DoD force protection/antiterrorism programs and requirements.
  • Expert knowledge of all aspects of security management, security operations, and security system analysis.
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